Professional Fire Risk Assessment and expert advice

Our Fire Risk Assessment Service will provide you with a professional, insurance approved report. A Fire Risk Assessment from 1st Defense will record our findings on your premises, noting and documenting the uses of the different areas of your premises and the risks associated with your business activities. The report will document the current provision of Emergency Lighting, Fire Alarm Systems, signage and escape routes and where necessary will make recommendations for changes to be made in line with regulatory requirements and current best practice. Your fire risk assessment will include photographs and clear references to regulatory requirements to support your current provision and our recommended actions. All our reports comply with “The Fire Regulatory Reform Act 2005”. Our Fire Risk Assessors are trained, experienced professionals, who regularly carry out Fire Risk Assessments for all business types, offices, factories, schools, motor shows, retail and private homes. 

It is crucial for every business to seek expert advice to ensure they are aware of all of the fire hazards and risks in their premises. The Regulatory Reform (Fire safety) Order 2005, and the Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 states that, a fire risk assessment is a legal requirement for all non-domestic properties in the UK, where more than 5 persons are employed. Fire risk assessments are also a requirement for common areas of residential flats and houses of multiple occupation (HMO). 

Fire Risk Assessment

The Five elements of a Fire Risk Assessments 

  1. Identify sources of ignition, fuel and work processes, which may be potential fire hazards. 
  2. Decide who, such as employees and visitors, may be in danger during a fire in the workplace or while they are trying to escape. 
  3. Evaluate the risks from the identified hazards and whether existing controls and precautions are adequate. During the evaluation stage decisions will be made with the client on whether action is required to remove the hazard completely, if practicable, or to control and manage the risks more effectively. 
  4. Record findings and detail the actions taken, ensuring all employees  are informed of these actions. 
  5. Review the risk assessment at regular intervals or when a change occurs in the workplace or work activities. 
  • Assess your premises thoroughly
  • Identify fire hazards and risks
  • Install fire safety signs and notices wherever necessary
  • Provide fire safety training for your staff
  • Provide safety instructions to everyone
  • Ensure fire fighting equipment is in good condition
  • Make sure you comply with the regulatory requirements
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