Fire Extinguisher Servicing, Instillation and Maintenance

Correct maintenance of fire extinguishers not only gives you peace of mind, but is also a legal requirement for non-domestic premises to ensure that fire extinguishers are serviced at the correct intervals. Fire extinguisher servicing and maintenance is essential to keep the equipment safe and operable at all times. 

1st Defense Fire & Rescue Services offer expert fire extinguisher servicing and maintenance throughout the UK, we are specialists in a wide variety of equipment including, but not limited to: Carbon Dioxide (Co2), Water, Foam, MultiChem, and Wet chemical extinguishers. We can also carry out fire hydrant and dry riser testing. 

By choosing 1st Defense Fire & Rescue Services to take care of this important facilities management function you will have peace of mind that you have selected a company with qualified technicians who will carry out your servicing in accordance with BS 5306 and provide you with all the relevant documentation. Our experienced engineers will advise you of any problems and recommend the right solution for your business. 

Fire extinguisher maintenance Intervals

Extinguisher type Visual inspection Basic service Extended service 
Water and water based Monthly Annually 5 years 
Powder Monthly Annually 5 years 
Foam Monthly Annualy 5 years 
CO2 Monthly Annually 10 years 

Visual Inspection 

  • The visual inspection should be carried out, and recorded on a monthly basis and cover: 
  • Visibility of the extinguisher 
  • Location of the extinguisher 
  • Operating instruction clean and easy to read 
  • Tamper seals 
  • Extinguisher pressure 


Extended Servicing 

Every five years most fire extinguishers need an extended service. This involves completely discharging the extinguisher, checking for internal corrosion, refilling and repressuring 

Carbon Dioxide (Co2) extinguishers require an extended service every 10 years. This involves a hydrostatic pressure test, in compliance with the Pressure System Safety Regulations 2000, (PSSR2000) a new valve and tamper tag.  

In addition, we can supply other items relating to fire safety including Fire Blankets, Cabinets, Brackets and signage to meet the equipment needs of your Fire Protection requirments. 

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